Wednesday, September 29, 2010

We slept in a hobo den.

This last week was great. We had nine days off and we used every one of them for the purpose of joy and fun. First we went to Seoul for a lovely temple trip which was wonderful. There are pictures of that on the birthday one. Then Eric and I didn't have to work on Monday (most others did but we're cool so we didn't) so we hung out at my place for a bit and met up with this dude Carry (don't know if I spelled that right. Im sure he wont care either way.). Then Tuesday was the best day ever. I got to see songwon!!! She and her family were my first investigators on my mission and I've kept in pretty good contact with her and she became like a little sister to me. I love the girl. But when I met her she was just a little 10 yr old girl and now shes in high school. It was so stinking crazy.

Anywho, so we bummed around a temple in my greenie area and then fell asleep in an abandoned bus stop where we found the remains of a hobo bed, thus named the hobo den. It was creepy, but it kept us dry from the rain.
Then we went to Shanes town and hiked a mountain with a temple on it. Korea is so fetching green, I love it.

After that we went down to Andong for the annual mask festival. I heard about this thing since my mission and I only heard amazing things about it. Sadly, I was disappointed.  It really wasn't that awesome.  I felt bad because I convinced everyone to go. poop....
Anyway, here are a few pictures I like. There are more on facebook if you want to check it out.
She sang traditional songs for us and I love her...alot. 

I love Shane in this picture. Hes the yellow one laying down.

Eric being pagan.

HA! I love this statue and the woman checking out the bum

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  1. the only thing that could have made those 9 days more joyful...ME!