Friday, September 10, 2010


This is a wall that I thought the lighting was cool.

Water is so cool. So very cool.

So Dokko (the korean one) and I were going to go hang out with her coteacher, Janet but she ditched out because she wasn't hungry and eating is really the only thing you can do whilst hanging out in Korea. We figured there wasn't much to do in Okcheon, where I live, so we decided to go to Deajeon, the metropolitan city next to Okcheon.  It was a good time. Just chilled and got food, but then we saw this sweet riverside area with an amazing water fountain thing going on so we checked if out for awhile. 
The pictures are a bit blurry because I haven't quite figured out how to use my camera yet, and it was dark and I didnt have a tripod, but mostly because I haven't figured out my camera yet.


  1. yay for pictures! better get learning that camera...

  2. Very cool, those fountains are amazing.