Monday, December 13, 2010

Lame trip all around

It was a lame trip. It was for my providences cultural trip and we were going to go snowboarding. Ive gone once but never really had the urge to get into it but for some reason i wanted to go this time. I was getting myself all psyched and stuff.
First was the bus ride. and we were bored. (this is Janet, another talk scholar in okcheon. you know shes cool because of the faces.)

Then we went to a really lame museum. I took my camera and was very disappointed. This is the best that I got.

Super lame. Then we got to the resort town were we were supposed to get our rooms. But some of they guys, including myself, were supposed to have some rooms on the third floor, but for the place didnt have a third floor, so we spent the next few hours figuring out where we were going to sleep. Then I slipped while trying to put on my shoes (it was raining earlier, just so everyone knows im still really cool) and slammed my toes into the wall pretty bad so i ended up not snowboarding. I ended up just sitting in cafeteria area for during the ski time. Again, a pretty lame trip.

That was all very whiny, but really though. 
anywho, christmas is different when you have to make it christmas. Im not surrounded by it this year, its different. when i was here as a missionary youre still surrounded by it, but this time, living alone and stuff, its very much my own and i have to make it christmas, where usually it simply is. I kinda like it. i want a christmas tree....

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  1. draw yourself a pretty picture of a christmas tree!