Sunday, September 12, 2010

A cornucopia of love.

Shane decided to teach Alia korean. 

Ben is a good man. A very good man.

It was raining so Alia wore some of the sweetest rubber rain boots I've seen in quite some time, probably since Haylis been gone actually, but these were worn with socks. Anywho, this is mostly for Dani.

Oh, and for the record, this is our wonderful new friend Alia. She is a saint.


So I post here and on facebook and Ive been wondering if this is good or just repetitive. And Dani needs to tell me how to post these better so they're not just in a column. I fail at blogging. 


  1. Columns are cool because it's like a totem pole. And who doesn't love totem poles?

  2. Yay! What do you have against columns? I love that you update your blog more often than I do. If you don't want your pictures in columns, how do you want them?