Monday, August 23, 2010

Stuff happens. Dont worry about it.

Dani told me to post pictures. So I went and took some late at night. I locked myself out of my house. I'm a dufus. But then I realized I could break in through my window instead of hating my life. So I did, like a thief in the night. The next day on my way back from Seoul, late at night, I fell asleep on the train and woke up right after we passed my train station. I got off at the next station. The next train was in an hour and a half. I asked a cab driver how much it was to okcheon, my town. He said thirty. I said twenty. I paid twenty five. Then this morning I thought I would just casually just head to the head education office where we were meeting to go to orientation and probably get there a half an hour early. There ended up being a miscommunication and I got there half an hour late. They already left to the venue. I didnt know where is was. But luckily there was an old dude who had to go to the opening ceremony of the orientation who hadnt left yet. He drove me here.

Point: Prayer works. Ive been praying alot to see the hand of God in my life.
Pictures later.


  1. but i wanted pictures! you bum! i should just be happy that you posted. love you and miss your guts still.

  2. wow, good times....
    maybe you should get a smart phone or something, it must have an app to be able to break into apartments. I know it has one to wake you up before you miss your stop, I believe it is called an alarm clock. Youre a goob but I love ya!!!!