Thursday, August 26, 2010


This is the street by my house taken from the roof of my apartment.

Inside my apartment.
My new lamp!!!
ANGELA HUR!!! What a great friend...

I went and bought stuff with my co-teacher today! What a joy... never thought kitchen stuff would make me so happy. I got a blender thingy which I'm pretty excited about. Oh, just got done with orientation. There are no pictures of it because it really kind of sucked. Never felt like there was anything worth taking pictures of except for when I didn't have my camera. BUT HOLY CRAP!!! when I didn't have my camera the best thing in the world happened.  We went to a school for a demo class and after the class we were told that the principle of the school was going to give a speech, probably something about the bright future for the children we teach or how we can have good relations with the teachers at our school.  But he didn't say anything. He just picked up this accordion from behind the desk and preformed old korean songs from the 60's for an hour. IT WAS AMAZING!!! He had the entire room wrapped around his adorable little finger. Best day ever for a very long time. I took some pictures with my friends camera and told her to send them to me. When I get them they will be posted. 


  1. Jakey, that is excellent. I want to see a Korean man play the accordion. It reminds me of the time we went to ABC Mandarin and the owner taught us to play leaves. But, this post makes me sin because I'm coveting your new camera.

  2. I think that's what heaven would be like. A man gets up telling you that he's going to lecture for an hour and then he just pulls an accordion from nowhere and plays, and plays, and plays. Totally jealous!

  3. Good job Jakey on pictures! I approve.

  4. You really should tell me when you are taking a picture. I will pose better next time LOVE!
    You are a great friend too! Thanks for all your help today :D